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Online Bidding Instructions

1. You must first become a member of the site (it's fast and free), You only need to submit this form once to become a lifetime Member. As a Member you will also receive news about upcoming auctions and any important information you need to know.

  • Fill in the form select a Member ID and Password that can be used to register for any Auction and click submit to open your account.

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2. In order to bid in an online auction, you must register for each auction using your ID / Password

  • You must also review the Terms and Conditions of the auction and follow instructions to become approved for online bidding.

  • After you agree to the Terms and Conditions, you will be registered for the auction. Please Note: you must follow instructions in Terms and Conditions.

3. To Register for an Auction Click on Home to access the list of upcoming auctions.

  • Now click on the auction you would like.

  • Click on any of the Register for Auction links in that auction.

  • Log in to verify your information.

  • Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

You must follow any specific instructions for becoming an approved bidder defined in the Terms and Conditions and/or Emails of the specific auction you wish to participate in.